Saturday, September 22, 2018

Duterte Advised To Refrain From Cursing, Regain PH-US Relations After Trump’s Victory

Image by: PDI

Address a delightful commendation and an embargo of cursing.

Those were just unsolicited advice from Senate Minority Leader Ralph Recto to President Rodrigo Duterte as “Trump era” is about to start.

Senator Ralph Recto was pertaining to Republican Donald Trump who is said to be the newest 45th elected President of the United States of America on Thursday.

In an article on Inquirer.Net, Senator Recto specified what Duterte should do in the opening days of the Trump era. First, address a delightful commendation letter and express an embargo of cursing. At the same time he should also refrain from dropping F-bombs against the occupant of White House. Those foreign profanity words expressed are no good in result.

Senator Recto added that the second thing President Duterte should do is to tap Vice President Leni Robredo to be our country’s representative to Donald Trump’s inaugural.

Minority Leader Senator Ralph Recto also said that if the first option is not possible, then the second option should be. The presence of Vice President Leni Robredo or anyone with a lower position will relay the message that currently we are attached to the Chinese orbit at the same time have demoted our Washington DC presence.

President Duterte should also refer to his advisers on how to regain the strong relationship between Philippines and United States of America considering the two factors: the leadership of Donald Trump as the newest elected President of United States of America and the presumption of the Philippines for an independent foreign policy, this is what Senator Recto added as the third thing that President Duterte should do.

The senator also said that Trump’s victory will surely open a new chapter in the relationship between Philippines and US which should configure to our advantage.

As long as the determined national interest is served that comes ahead is the combined personal interest, it’s up to both of them, whether Duterte will have a ‘bromance’ with Trump.

Recto added that if we do not plan ahead Trumps’s victory

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