Saturday, September 22, 2018

Four Saudi Rapists Were Convicted Guilty And Sentenced For Imprisonment With 7, 000 Whips


Saudi Arabian court charged four men to be whipped and imprisoned for raping a woman in front of her expatriate daughter and husband.

The gang who are known to be Saudi Arabians and Soudan were convicted to a total of 7, 000 whips by the Saudi Arabian court.

The identity and nationality of the rapist even the victim were not identified.

One of the accused, who is said to be 17 years old upon the commission of crime, was imprisoned for 17 years with a penalty of 2, 500 whips in 50 sessions. And two of his confederate will also be imprisoned for 15 years each with a penalty of 1, 500 whips.

According to Al Riyadh, a Saudi Arabian daily, the fourth defendant was convicted to five years of imprisonment with a penalty of 1, 500 whips.

From their statements, the gang forcedly entered a house in Jeddah and using an electric wire they tied the husband and started to undress his wife and raped her in front of him and their young daughter.

Using a knifepoint the gang were able to steal eight mobile phones and 10, 000 Saudi Riyals, at the same time returned to the house and rape the foreign woman again.

After being arrested the four men admitted the commission of crime. From then, the netizens from Saudi Arabia hailed them to be executed.

Saudi Arabia, one of the leading ally of the United States of America and known to be the birthplace and home of Islamic religion, strictly obeys Wahhabi Sunni Muslim School that includes the imposition of Sharia Law.

Since 1970s, last month was the first execution of a prince after the Saudi Arabian court found him guilty.

According to the ministry of interior, “Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir had pleaded guilty in shooting Adel al-Mohaimed after a brawl.”

The nusual execution of a prince was interpreted by the Saudi Arabian netizens as a symbolic equality under the Islamic Law.

King Salman, 80 years old Saudi Arabian king, was said to be anxious on cracking down hundreds of playboy princes in some of the countries.

Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz bin Nasir al Saud, 34 years old, was sentenced for life imprisonment in 2010 after killing an attendant in a London hotel. After dealing with controversies the prince was deported to Saudi Arabia.

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