Saturday, September 22, 2018

Keanna Reeves Apologizes For Having An Affair With An Actress’ Ex BF


Sexy actress-comedian, Keanna Reeves, made an open letter on her social media account last November 8, 2016 that had intrigued the netizens.

The open letter that the sexy actress-comedian had made is about apologizing to a certain actress wherein she might have hurt the feelings of that actress for the revelation that she had made regarding her sexcapades with the unknown actress’ ex-boyfriend.

Reeves is hoping that the involved actress  could read her shout out and forgive her for what had happen to her with the involved TV host (ex-boyfriend).


Awkward moment sa akin ‘yong nangyari accidentally nag-met kami ni ex gf (actress) ng ex bf (tv host).

Nagbatian pa kami at binero pa nga ako ni (actress) tapos bigla niya tinanong sakin about dun daw sa napabalita na may nangyari samin ng ex bf nya.

Nagulat ako at di ko akalain itanong nya sakin yon peronaly.

Syempre sinabi ko na ‘bakit di ka ba naniniwala?’ binero ko pa.

Sabi nya sige na total wala naman na kami ex ko na sya.” the actress stated.

According to Reeves’ post, she honestly answered yes to the involved actress’ question.

She also stated that she didn’t intentionally hurt the actress as she didn’t know that the TV host (ex bf) is in a relationship that time.

The sexy actress-comedian gave emphasis on apologizing to the involved actress on her Facebook post.

Keanna Reeves didn’t give any hint of whosoever the actress was and the involved TV host and ex-boyfriend of the latter.

However, in the past interview of Reeves with Mo Twister in his segment Good Times with Mo last May 30, 2016, the sexy star admitted that she has done it with TV host-actor Luis Manzano when the actor was still courting Angel Locsin.

Reeves haven’t got the chance to have guesting in any of Manzano’s show after the controversy blew up.

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