Saturday, September 22, 2018

Kerwin Espinosa Cries Hard Over His Father’s Death

Image from Bato Dela Rosa Facebook account
  • Slain mayor Rolando Espinosa’s son, Kerwin, cried so hard after being informed of his father’s death
  • Kerwin was awaiting his extradition following his arrest in Abu Dhabi on Oct. 17
  • Espinosa’s new lawyer lamented that the shooting of the mayor was an “overkill”

Slain mayor Rolando Espinosa’s son, Kerwin, who was tagged as the top drug lord of Eastern Visayas, cried so hard that he was not able to use up his 3-minute phone call privilege when he was informed of his father death at the Leyte Provincial Jail after an alleged shootout with members of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group(CIDG).

Kerwin was awaiting his extradition following his arrest in Abu Dhabi on Oct. 17. He was nabbed after his whereabouts was tipped off to police authorities there by an overseas Filipino worker.

The younger Espinosa had called back home and talked to a member of the Espinosa family to inquire about the condition of his father.

When he was told that his father was killed by the members of the CIDG in Eastern Visayas (CIDG-8), the source said Kerwin started crying over the phone.

The source further disclosed that Kerwin called him up again on Sunday and told him he wanted to talk to Chief Insp. Jovie Espenido, the Albuera police chief.

Before Mayor Espinosa was killed, Kerwin was reportedly mad at Espenido as he accused the police chief of being under their payroll when the latter was assigned in Davao City. Espenido, according to an Inquirer story, was the one who convinced Mayor Espinosa to execute an affidavit and identify those who protected his son’s operation, and in exchange have assured the late mayor of his safety.

Mayor Espinosa then gave a list of 226 names whom he claimed were either part of or protected his son’s illegal drug trade.

At least 47 government and police officials and members of the media were charged at the Office of the Ombudsman, Regional State Prosecutor’s Office and the National Internal Affairs Service by Espenido.

Meanwhile, the Espinosa family denounced the killing as it raised suspicion that the mayor was silenced because he linked high ranking police and government officials to his son’s illegal operation.

The mayor had submitted Last Sept. 7 a notebook to the Regional Trial Court in Ormoc City containing the names of several police officers and government officials who were allegedly part of his son’s illegal drug trade.

He also submitted returned checks, including those recovered from the body of Espinosa’s lawyer, Rogelio Bato, who was earlier killed in an ambush.

Espinosa’s new lawyer lamented that the shooting of the mayor was an “overkill.”

Rhoda Magale, common-law wife of Mayor Espinosa, said two expensive rings and a watch of the mayor were missing.

According to her, one ring cost P200,000 while the other was worth P75,000. His watch, a Casio G-Shock was worth P70,000.

The mayor was wearing the watch when he was transferred to the sub-provincial jail, she added.

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