Saturday, September 22, 2018

Mocha Receives a ‘Roaring’ Welcome From The President’s Daughter


Before Mocha Uson could make his debut as columnist in one of the leading broadsheet in the country, she already received a bashing welcome from Regina Belmonte, the eldest daughter of Philippine Star President Miguel Belmonte.

Regina wailed and ranted her frustrations on social media when she learned that the controversial entertainer-blogger Uson will have a weekly opinion column at their family-owned newspaper.

The November 6 tweet of Regina reads:


A text message to her father, which Regina posted on tweeter, labelled Uson as  ‘garbage’ for spreading fake news on social media which contradicts the paper’s slogan of ‘TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL.’

The PhilStar scion said the inclusion of Uson in their pool of respected writers such as Max Soliven and Anding Roces is a disgrace to her grandma’s memory, Betty Go-Belmonte, who was a veteran journalist and founder of the paper 30 years ago.

Regina explained that she was just protecting their family business though majority of its shares were already sold.

Regina expressed more of her displeasure in a separate tweet that reads


If Regina can’t do something to stop the management from hiring the former sexy dancer, she hopes that the editor will teach Uson the freedom and discipline in writing.

With all humility, Uson respected Regina’s comment saying that she’s all willing to leave the Philippine Star should the management decided to do so.

However, it seems that Philippine Star sided with Uson after her first column appeared on November 8 entitled “I have the right to speak.”

Believing that she represents the voice of ordinary people, Uson stressed in her column that freedom of speech belongs to everyone regardless of social status.

Uson is a die-hard supporter of President Duterte during the campaign period.  Her blog and facebook page garnered millions of followers after promoting Duterte’s advocacy.

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