Saturday, September 22, 2018

Newly-crowned Miss Earth 2016 Denies Undergoing Plastic Surgery


The freshly crowned Miss Earth Katherine Espin has challenged her Filipina rival named Imelda Schweighart to prove to everyone if she has undergone plastic surgery of which, Imelda has resigned as Miss Philippines Earth just this Monday because she was literally caught in a video making story to the supporters just after the Saturday night’s pageant saying that newly crowned Katherine Espin had some work done on her face and on her chest, but this was firmly denied by Katherine Espin telling viewers that she has never ever done anything on her face, never done that issue of her having done plastic surgery in her face and saying that she will have to prove it, Katherine Espin said on an interview by Mario Dumaual on Monday Night on a event at Manila Polo Club Forbes Park Makati.

A Manila-based pageant that aspires to promote environmental awareness which is Miss Earth was the title won by a 23 years old Katherine Espin of which she was the second Ecuadorian to win the pageant and of which Schweighart has failed to hit the semifinals, wherein Espin also addressed the resigned beauty queen that the yellow Leo Almodal that Katherine Espin wore on her way to finals was originally meant for Schweighart, the Filipina beauty queen.

Leo Almodal has failed to finish her supposedly dress on time that she is to wear on the pageant night and as Katherine Spin got on top 16, she was surpised asking where was her white dress and her assistant responded that they have not finished it so they have alternatively offered the yellow dresswhich she has never seen in all her life, not even knowing if that dress fits her or how the dress looks on her because they just put it one her also not knowing if whose dress it was.

Katherine Espin then firmly said that Leo Almodal must shoulder the responsibility for all the mixed up and misunderstanding occured of which Leo do not know what to do so he will clear everything on social media and will eventually have an interview to clarify all the risen issues, as Katherine added that it was really crazy back stage and she literally have no dress to wear and she do not know that the yellow dress was Imelda’s, so its not her fault and she said that she have nothing against Schweighart and she has accepted her rival apology for her rant and wishes the Filipina beauty well in her decision to move on after resigning.

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