Saturday, September 22, 2018

Parents Warned After Granny Drops Her Grandson 30ft Brought To His Death


Fatal accident was captured on camera, as a grandmother accidentally dropped her grandson 30 feet high that brought him to death.

The accident happened yesterday at Wu Yue plaza in Qingpi district of Shanghai, China, that the grandmother was out of shopping together with his grandson who was just four months old.

At the third floor of the Wu Yue plaza department store, the grandmother stepped onto the escalator down to the second floor with her grandson in her arms.

The grandmother stumbled into a gap as the stairs started to move beneath her that made her fall forward and leaning over the side of the handrail.

It shows to the video footage that the grandmother desperately tries to hold onto her grandson but he slips from her hands and stumble down to the ground of second floor.

With the grandmother another woman and a young girl, thought to be the mother and sister of the tragic baby, can be seen on the footage that both are evidently terrified as the baby falls.

Both women as well as the witnesses worryingly rush down the stairs to help the baby boy.

The baby boy was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately he died earlier this morning.

It can also be seen on the video footage that as the women focuses on reaching the baby boy, a little girl who is in pink dress also falls over the escalator but remained unharmed and appears to stand up as she reaches the ground.

Netizens immediately address the family of the baby boy with condolences at the same time warned the parents on escalators. Advise them to use a baby carrier instead of their bare hands to avoid similar tragedy. And some says it is a very tragic accident that they can’t figure it out how it could have happened.

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