Saturday, September 22, 2018

President Duterte Grants Clemency To Actor Padilla

Image from Rody Duterte account on Facebook

President Duterte gave executive clemency to action star Robin Padilla which made the latter have the reason to smile as he would now see his wife TV host Mariel Rodriguez and their newborn baby girl in the US.

This was announced by the President while having dinner with some journalists last November 15 saying that the original pardon given to Padilla under the then Ramos administration does not include political and civil rights thus, denying him to travel and to carry a gun again.

“He (Padilla) was not given a full clemency that’s why I granted it to him” Duterte told media. The granting of executive clemency is a power of the president to alter sentences in criminal cases especially if it is excessive, and for human considerations such as illness and old age.

Duterte said that Padilla’s crime is not a big deal as it did not hurt anyone. The actor was convicted in 1994 for illegal possession of firearms and after four years former Pres. Ramos granted him pardon.

Wala naman nasaktan o wala silang binaril nung nahuli sila,” he said.   (No one got hurt nor did they shoot anyone).  And besides, he suffered enough, the president added.

According to Duterte, Padilla got emotional when he learned that he would be pardoned on that day when he made a courtesy call in Malacañang.

The granting of executive clemency to Padilla will now allow him to apply for US visa to visit his wife who gave birth to their eldest Maria Isabella on November 14 after two miscarriages.

Duterte told media that he is considering of giving presidential pardon to sickly and elder inmates in time of Christmas season.

“All inmates aged 80 years old and above including those who are suffering from illnesses would be allowed to go free and be with their family this coming Christmas holidays,” Duterte said.





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