Saturday, September 22, 2018

Two Billion Children Breath Toxic Air


After an event named Diwali fireworks festival in the Indian capital New Delhi, the place’s landmark which is India Gate was dominated and covered by thick smoke and smog on the morning just after the said event causing six hundred twenty million people breathing toxic air in South Asia live in Northern India as they woke up on Monday morning with a smoke-covered skies from the weekend celebration of festival fireworks.

With ominous consequences, New Delhi is now facing its worst and terrible season for air pollution causing people to have difficulty in breathing and may affect their lungs particularly and which a recent report from UNICEF said that around third of the approximate two billion children in the world who were breathing toxic air came from northern India and nearby and neighborhood countries who were risking serious health effects including terrible damage to their brains, lungs and other organs of which the global total of three hundred million children are exposed to pollution levels more than six times higher than standards set of the World Health Organization including two hundred twenty million in South Asia.

Surely the said and alarming numbers and cases of this scenario are hardly a surprise for the Indian capital as of which New Delhi’s air pollution are among the world’s worst and this case hits every winter season because of the weak winds and countless garbage fires which were said to set alight to help and save people to stay warm and comfortable at least and just even the days before the city has erupted in the yearly fireworks celebrations for the Diwali’s Hindu holiday, the recorded levels of tiny, lung-clogging specific matter know as PM were considered very risky and really dangerous on Friday at well above three hundred micrograms per cubic meter.

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