Saturday, September 22, 2018

Toddler play with their reticulated python

Image post by Ednes Taoka via Youtube Account

Usually parents are afraid to bring home some pets for they are thinking that these pets might harm them or even their babies.

But nowadays, in some families pets are always welcome that they are even treated as part of the family. Dogs, cats, birds are the most common pets at home and considered to be the safest company for children.

Experts also say that it is better for children to grow up with pets for it teaches them to be responsible, loving and caring.

However on this video, who would ever think that a three year old girl will have a nice playtime with a gigantic pet python.

It is very dangerous for a toddler to touch a snake that is as large as what is on the video, but this toddler seemed to having a quality time bonding with it.

In this video it can be seen that the little girl is very busy playing her toys at the back of the snake, suddenly the snake tried to reach the head of the girl and gave the reptile a big hug as she expresses friendship with the gigantic python.

According to Edness Taoka, their daughter was been interacting with the python since she was two years old and it seems to understand that it should be gentle and harmless around them.

Edness Taoka claimed that their pet python is harmless as dogs, cats, birds as considered by almost everyone, that they were not hurt not even once.

Edness Taoka added that their family has bitten and scratched by cats or even dogs for several times but not their reticulated python. Proper caring and handling makes a reticulated python harmless.

Watch the video

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