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Psiphon Pro VPN: Hey guys, in this post I will tell you how can you download Psiphon VPN on your phone and use it. Basically a VPN is a server which will encrypt our data we send to websites when we are connected to internet. It makes our data unreadable to others who can intercept the network (Man in the middle Attacks performed by Hackers). Personally I use VPN in my college because they block social networking sites. By using VPN i can access any website active on the internet.

How Psiphon VPN Works?

When we try to connect to a VPN service, We are connecting to a server and the server gets the website we need or the website you want to browse. Then the server sends the website data to us, but no one can see that we are browsing particular website because our data is encrypted. Only the service provider can see the data. In simple words Tunneling our Data through secure Tunnel.In this list we have paid as well as free VPN service providers, so please proceed with caution

Psiphon VPN is my favorite VPN application. You people can try all of them and decide which app suits your needs. Free VPN apps display ads so that they can generate Revenue and some give only a limited amount of data to use per month like 500 Megabytes/month. If you want to go beyond the limit you have to purchase them. Here comes the main part, we cannot blindly trust any VPN provider. Some VPN providers LOG your activities on the internet which will ruin the internet freedom. So we need a VPN which doesn’t LOG users. One of the most trusted VPN in the market is Psiphon. Psiphon is a reputated VPN service provider. It is been developed by Psiphon inc.

How to install Psiphon Pro VPN on Android Devices

  • First, make sure that you have downloaded the Psiphon Pro APK from the given link above only or you can download it from Google Play Store – Download from Play Store   Download Psiphon APK
  • Once the APK file is downloaded follow the below steps.
  • Go to download folder and search for Psiphon Pro APK file
  • Read all the permissions and then hit install button, It takes 10-30 seconds depending on your device specs.
  • After, The installation process finishes we’ll use the app.
  • Now open the Psiphon Pro app.
  • You can find start button on bottom left side of the device screen.
  • Click start, you will be prompted with two options (comes only once when you install psiphon pro for the first time)
    1. Tunnel Whole Device
    2. Use psiphon Browser
  • Click on Tunnel Whole Device.
  • Now wait until you see a message saying “VPN service is running ”
  • Wolah! We are now connected to VPN check your IP address you can see your IP is changed.


  1. We can access websites which are blocked in our country
  2. Safe access to internet without any worry
  3. Anonymous browsing of internet (can’t be tracked)
  4. We can share data more securely
  5. Low cost to use VPN
  6. Increased network performance


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